Datapac and HPE revolutionising data backup and recovery

Robust solution protects businesses in an evolving technology landscape

Karen O’Connor, general manager, Datapac

In the modern digital world where data underpins the success of every organisation, robust data backup and protection is paramount. Datapac, in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), presents HPE GreenLake Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), a data backup and recovery solution which is tailor-made for the complexities of the modern technology landscape.

The solution revolutionises backup efficiency, leveraging HPE Catalyst technology to reduce storage footprint by up to 8x, significantly lowering costs and maximising efficiency. It offers unmatched scalability, allowing seamless adjustment of backup resources in response to business fluctuations, ensuring agility and resilience.

Only pay for the data you use

It streamlines backup management in even the most complex IT environments with the award-winning HPE GreenLake Central, and has a predictable subscription model which eliminates hidden fees and simplifies budgeting.

Data security is fortified against modern threats such as ransomware with advanced encryption and access controls ensuring data integrity.

Experience the future of data protection with Datapac’s no-commitment 90-day free trial of HPE GreenLake BaaS.

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