Brown Thomas Arnotts cuts in-store costs and improves customer experience with ZetesAthena

Management software uses the latest mobile technology and real-time data capture to enhance efficiency both in-store and in click-and-collect services

Brown Thomas store in Grafton Street: the retailer has streamlined its workflows and improved productivity by automating a number of tasks including stock auditing

Brown Thomas Arnotts, Ireland’s leading luxury retailer, is accelerating its omnichannel growth with the ZetesAthena in-store management solution. The solution enhances store operations and click-and-collect services by providing store staff with intuitive software and real-time data. As a result, the customer experience and bottom line are improved.

ZetesAthena is a modular SaaS in-store mobility solution, which enables retailers to run different in-store management applications on a single platform: from receiving goods, stock checking, price management, inventory management and click-and-collect enablement through to returns management. Using the latest mobile technology and real-time data capture, it provides real-time visibility of shopfloor, back of store and inter-branch inventory. ZetesAthena is powered by the MCL™ Mobility Platform, a cloud-based platform which enables centralised management of mobile applications, devices and users.

Store efficiency for the omni-channel retailer

Brown Thomas Arnotts first started working with ZetesAthena in 2014 to improve in-store processes and on-shelf availability. Since then, the retailer has streamlined its workflows and improved its labour productivity by automating tasks such as price markdown, stock auditing, stock transfer and click and collect.

ZetesAthena has enabled us to easily adapt to evolving customer demands without ever compromising on the exceptional standards of customer service that are synonymous with Brown Thomas and Arnotts

By optimising critical in-store processes, such as the pricing and ticketing, Brown Thomas Arnotts can effectively manage big sales events, including Christmas and Summer sales. If prices need to be marked down for a promotion, new price tickets can easily be generated, and products re-labelled accordingly, whilst reported in the system in real time. This makes it possible to avoid significant losses due to inconsistent pricing and labelling. In addition, they can make temporary adjustments to stock and register when stock is temporarily unavailable, for example when items are loaned to production companies for photography, or marketing campaigns.

Unrivalled convenience with ZetesAthena Click & Collect

Given the success of the first project, Brown Thomas Arnotts decided in 2022 to extend the use of the solution by adding the ZetesAthena Click & Collect module. Just in time for peak season and Christmas, the solution was up and running successfully in all stores nationwide.

“At Brown Thomas Arnotts, our mission is to reinvent retail in all aspects, including providing the very best multi-channel shopping experiences for our customers. Working with ZetesAthena has enabled us to easily adapt to evolving customer demands without ever compromising on the exceptional standards of customer service that are synonymous with Brown Thomas and Arnotts. With its seamless Click & Collect module, we can efficiently manage orders, ensuring that each customer receives their items accurately and on time, an essential component in today’s retail landscape. The platform’s user-friendly interface has allowed our staff to adapt quickly, enabling us to provide exceptional service and flexibility to our valued customers. Working with the ZetesAthena team has been a pleasure and we look forward to continuing our partnership,” said Brendan McKenna, IT supply chain manager, at Brown Thomas Arnotts.

The whole task management surrounding the order fulfilment is achieved efficiently and accurately as store staff receive all information via their mobile devices. The order can quickly be picked and placed in the store collection area, and upon collection, each item is physically checked out and updates are immediately done in the system. If an item has not been collected on time, the shop assistant can contact the customer directly to arrange an alternative delivery option, such as home delivery. This highly flexible approach allows Brown Thomas Arnotts to be customer-focused and offer options that lead to high customer satisfaction, whilst avoiding the extra costs associated with an undelivered order.

In addition, the easy-to-use platform allows new staff to get up to speed quickly, which is an important factor in ensuring high and immediate productivity.

"Retail supply chains are being transformed, and as the barriers between online and offline commerce disappear, customers expect a shopping experience that is unrestricted across channels. We are pleased to support Brown Thomas Arnotts in delivering the all-important omnichannel experience,” said Robert van Vliet, managing director at Zetes Ireland.

For details visit: zetes.com/en/in-store-solutions