Big Red Cloud celebrates three decades of innovation

The trailblazing cloud accounting solutions firm celebrates its 30th anniversary by unveiling Big Red Pay, Big Red Web, Plugged, and Action Coach

Big Red Cloud, a trailblazer in cloud accounting solutions, recently marked its 30th anniversary with a series of seminars across Ireland

Big Red Cloud, a trailblazer in cloud accounting solutions, recently marked its remarkable 30th anniversary with a series of highly successful seminars held across Ireland. This significant milestone not only celebrated their three decades of excellence but also highlighted their dedication to innovation, efficiency, and empowering businesses through cutting-edge technology. As part of the festivities, Big Red Cloud showcased their latest automation tools utilising AI to revolutionise accounting processes, unveiled Big Red Pay for seamless payment management, introduced Big Red Web for effortless website development, and welcomed their legal add-on partner, Plugged, offering comprehensive legal solutions for small businesses. Additionally, the event featured esteemed coaching partners Action Coach, who provided valuable insights on how businesses can enhance profitability.

Transforming accounting for 30 years

Since its establishment in 1993, Big Red Cloud has been at the forefront of revolutionising the accounting industry in Ireland. As one of the earliest proponents of cloud technology, the company has continuously spearheaded innovation to streamline financial processes and empower businesses of all sizes. Now, on their 30th anniversary, Big Red Cloud continues to raise the bar with their state-of-the-art automation tools, leveraging AI to make accounting more efficient, accurate, and time-effective.

Automation tools powered by AI

At the seminars, Big Red Cloud unveiled their ground-breaking automation tools, driven by the power of artificial intelligence. These tools harness advanced algorithms and machine learning to automate mundane accounting tasks, allowing businesses to save time, reduce errors, and focus on strategic decision-making. With AI-powered automation, Big Red Cloud is redefining efficiency and productivity in the accounting landscape.

Big Red Pay: simplifying payment management

Among the highlights of the seminars was the introduction of Big Red Pay, an integrated payment management system designed to make getting paid easier for businesses. With secure online payment processing, streamlined invoicing, and automated reminders, Big Red Pay ensures prompt payments and improved cash flow, all within the familiar Big Red Cloud ecosystem.

Big Red Web: empowering businesses online

Big Red Cloud also launched Big Red Web at the seminars, a user-friendly platform that simplifies website development and helps businesses establish a strong online presence. With customisable templates, intuitive design tools, and seamless integration with Big Red Cloud's accounting software, businesses can effortlessly create professional websites, reaching a broader audience and expanding their online footprint.

Legal solutions with Plugged

The seminar attendees had the opportunity to learn about Plugged, Big Red Cloud's legal add-on partner. Plugged offers a comprehensive range of legal solutions tailored specifically for small businesses. From legal document templates and contract review services to expert legal advice, Plugged ensures that businesses have the legal support they need to navigate complex regulatory landscapes confidently. Learn more about Plugged at bigredcloud.com/legal.

Action Coach: maximising business profitability

Complementing the seminars, Big Red Cloud welcomed their coaching partners, Action Coach, who shared valuable strategies on how businesses can enhance profitability. Action Coach's expertise in business coaching and development provided attendees with actionable insights and tools to optimise performance, drive growth, and achieve long-term success.

Big Red Cloud's 30th anniversary seminars were a testament to their continued commitment to innovation, efficiency and empowering businesses. With their automation tools leveraging AI, Big Red Pay simplifying payment management, Big Red Web enabling effortless website development, and Plugged offering comprehensive legal solutions, the company showcased their dedication to providing a holistic ecosystem of services for businesses. Collaborating with Action Coach further emphasised their commitment to helping businesses maximise profitability and achieve their goals. As Big Red Cloud moves into the future, they remain at the forefront of cloud accounting solutions.