Beyond Bricks & Mortar: The Lifestyle Revolution in Dublin's PRS Market

Dublin's Private Rented Sector (PRS) is witnessing a surge in new developments, each vying for attention in an increasingly competitive market.

Nevan Riley, Director of Propertymarketing.ie

This competition requires a shift in marketing strategies for property developers and their agents. In this landscape, the conventional approach of highlighting building specifications and focusing on amenities falls short. Instead, there's a growing need to sell not just the building, but the lifestyle it offers. This is where Propertymarketing.ie, a full-service digital marketing agency, steps in with its unique approach.

The Shift to Lifestyle-Centric Marketing

Nevan Riley, Director of Propertymarketing.ie, underscores the changing tide: "In today’s market, it’s about more than square footage or amenities. It's about how these homes fit into the aspirational lifestyle of potential buyers and renters. Our role is to showcase this lifestyle through innovative digital strategies."

Leveraging the power of social media advertising, particularly on platforms like Instagram, Propertymarketing.ie breaks geographical barriers, connecting developments with a broader audience. Through content marketing, the agency crafts a narrative that transcends traditional property listings, emphasising the unique lifestyle each development offers.

Harnessing Digital Platforms for Broader Reach

Propertymarketing.ie has successfully utilised Facebook’s advanced targeting and multimedia capabilities to engage potential residents in a compelling narrative about life in these new developments. This approach not only broadens the geographical reach but also taps into the emotional aspects of home buying and renting.

Riley adds, "We’re not just advertising a property; we’re inviting people to envision a new way of living. Whether it's through a virtual tour, a curated social media profile, or engaging storytelling, our campaigns are designed to resonate on a deeper level."

Collaborative Excellence in Dublin's PRS Market

At the heart of Propertymarketing.ie's success lies its strong collaborative relationships with their estate agent partners. These partnerships have been crucial in bringing Propertymarketing.ie into some of Ireland's most significant PRS projects.

One of the most notable is the launch of Niche Living, Ireland’s first purpose-built co-living development. Propertymarketing.ie’s campaign highlighted the modern, community-focused lifestyle offered by the development, reflecting the agency's skill in capturing the essence of modern living.

“We are lucky to have worked on 12 major PRS projects, representing some of the most exciting new developments in Dublin’s rental market in recent years," Riley said.

“These collaborations underline the trust that market leading estate agents place in Propertymarketing.ie, recognising our unique ability to not just market properties, but to truly bring them to life in the digital realm.

“It’s through these partnerships that Propertymarketing.ie continues to set the standard for online property marketing in Dublin, contributing significantly to the evolving skyline of the city.”

Looking Ahead: Pioneering in the Digital Space

As Dublin's PRS market continues to grow, Propertymarketing.ie remains at the forefront, ready to assist estate agents and developers in navigating these competitive waters. With a focus on lifestyle selling and digital innovation, they are well-equipped to bring unique properties to the forefront of the market.

"In a city buzzing with new developments, standing out is crucial," says Riley. "And that's where we excel – in capturing and conveying the unique lifestyle each property offers, connecting them with the right audience."

For more information contact nevan@propertymarketing.ie