Accelerating life sciences operational efficiencies

In today’s dynamic landscape, the convergence of IT & OT technology is reshaping the life sciences sector, and as part of this process, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) play a pivotal role in this transformation.

Life Science companies have multiple technology providers, all of which are integral to the manufacturing process

Over the past five years, there has been a notable shift towards cloud-based IT services solutions, however for Operational Technology (OT) teams, the transition is more complex, as OT necessitates its own dedicated infrastructure and physical presence, separate from IT setups. OT services demand on-site support and locally segmented connectivity, essential for the effective functioning of an array of systems.

In the specific context of the Life Science industry, especially within the intricate sphere of manufacturing, the demands are comparable to orchestrating a complex symphony. Managing over 200 virtual servers poses significant difficulties in maintaining the uptime required for production systems. Such operational complexity calls for a robust on-premises infrastructure.

The complex systems vital to Life Science manufacturing engage in localised interactions with plant devices at a granular level. These interactions dictate the control and coordination of manufacturing operations, emphasising the importance of geographical proximity. Cloud-based alternatives are deemed unsuitable from a cybersecurity perspective due to the threat of hacking from external entities.

That is where HPE Synergy enterprise server with HPE Primera storage technology saves the day. HPE Synergy with HPE Primera storage helps enhance IT agility and performance for mission critical applications, lowering costs of operations by 35%, IT infrastructure costs by 22% and championing an average 5-year ROI of 284%.

That is already quite impressive, but DataLogiX went a step further and, with their solid Life Science OT know-how, they built and configured their own HPE Synergy device: The OTBlock. They understood their customers need for a single platform to host their OT apps.

Life Science companies have multiple technology providers, all of which are integral to the manufacturing process. The complexity can become overwhelming: many manufacturing locations, multiple vendors supplying compute hardware “per system” resulting in multiple servers, running multiple vendor software deployments on different Operating Systems, which need different hardware support expertise.

The OT-Block by DataLogiX simplifies all of that.

• Always-on: 24x7 manufacturing uptime on a resilient platform.

• Single platform: Ability to host all systems via a single platform. Reduced management, central services (authentication, Antivirus, patching etc.) and the ability to scale up easily, for example add new blade to Synergy, or expand Primera storage.

• Robust self-tailored security protocols for OT: Secured from outside (non- manufacturing) entities in accordance with IEC-62443 standard for Industrial Control Systems.

• Increased sustainability: A consolidated platform generally requires less energy than multiple servers. This lowers both power consumption and cooling requirements, reducing the carbon footprint of the facility, and increasing energy efficiency overall.

That is why DataLogiX’s HPE Synergy-backed solution has become the go-to solution for many of the top Life Science manufacturers companies in the world.

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