3D Solutions makes an impression

With a team of just four, new company Vision 3D Solutions is punching above its weight in 3D printing, experiencing rapid growth. New products and a range of training courses are in the pipeline

Aaron O’Grady and Joe Coogan, Founders of Vision 3D Solutions with Alan Shortt, MC for the Irish Print Awards

Founded by Joe Coogan, Aaron O’Grady, and Donnach O Donohoe, Vision 3D Solutions works with a wide range of companies from the education sector to medtech, defence, pharma and general manufacturing.

Coogan’s background is in 3D CAD and 3D printing for over 20 years, implementing 3D CAD with the Department of Education in 2008 and working with all major multinationals. Aaron O’Grady who is founder of Vision Creative Studios, had the same passion for design and innovation and a keen interest in 3D Printing. Along with Donnach O’Donohoe, business development director, they established Vision 3D Innovative Solutions.

Company Details

Vision 3D Solutions

Year the company was founded: 2023

Number of staff: Four

Why it is in the news?: Newcomer Vision 3D Solutions with the Nexa3D 3D XiP, was the winner of the best 3D printer of the year award.

“We don’t just sell product services or training. We are expert consultants, advising and informing our clients in depth of all options. We are here to offer solutions that best fit their needs,” said Coogan.

After visiting industry exhibitions across the U.S., Europe and UK they identified the best-in-class partners addressing the rise in demand for 3D printing applications across various industries. “We create opportunities for the additive manufacturing industry, commonly referred to as 3D printing, which has revolutionised prototyping and manufacturing, making it faster and more cost effective,” Coogan said.

“Our main strategic partner, Nexa3D, offers the industry multi award-winning and best-in-class desktop resin 3D printers along with SLS machines that also allow for metal printing,” said Coogan. “These printers are forging the way in the industry with large build volumes and fast print speeds, delivering high quality accurate parts between five to ten to times faster than previously,” he said.

There is a skills gap and a learning curve associated with 3D printing which Vision 3D Solutions hopes to address, educating and providing solutions for in the market place, according to Coogan.

“The company is experiencing rapid growth, servicing education and industry sectors with best-in-class equipment and services. We also offer a printing service across many industries from medical/pharma product development to the moulding sector and the film industry.”

According to the MD, increased material variety is a trend in 3D printing.“ There has been significant growth in the types of materials that can be used. We now see the use of ceramics, glass, various metal alloys, and even composite materials. The development of new materials expands the applications of 3D printing in industries such as aerospace, automotive and healthcare,” Coogan said.

Vision 3D Solutions has a strong sustainability focus. “As sustainability becomes a more pressing global issue, 3D printing is being seen as a way to contribute positively by reducing waste through its additive process, which only uses material where needed,” said the MD.

“AI is being integrated into 3D printing to optimise the printing process, enhance the quality of the final products, and streamline the design process. AI algorithms can predict potential issues with the design before printing, adjust printing parameters in real-time and automate the production process,” Coogan said.

“More medical and bioprinting innovations are being seen and decentralised production is another trend in 3D printing. Expansion into new markets is also evident,” he said.

As sustainability becomes a more pressing global issue, 3D printing is being seen as a way to contribute positively by reducing waste

Vision 3D Solutions offers unparalleled customisation options or flexible solutions tailored to customer-specific needs which are not readily available in the market, Coogan contended. “We provide outstanding customer support, including extensive training, resources for design optimisation, and maintenance services that ensure customer success,” he said.

“Nexa3D and their FIM process bring distinctive benefits to the table. Nexa3D focuses on ultra-fast, high-volume 3D printing technology, while the FIM process merges the flexibility of 3D printing with the efficiency and material range of injection moulding, bridging the gap between prototyping and mass production,” Coogan said.

“Winning the award for best 3D printer is a significant achievement, especially for a new company entering the market. It has given our company a boost and we are certainly seeing a lot of interest since the announcement. To win this award against such long established competition has given our small team such a lift,” Coogan said.

“We have new products in the pipeline, and a range of training courses are imminent. We have also recently completed our contract manufacturing 3D printing facility offering this service for small batch runs of parts for our customers. We are using various different range of technologies, but the XiP and XiP Pro are proving a popular choice.