Chaise Longue: Thoughtful memoir proves Dury is more than just a chip off the old blockhead

As the son of Ian Dury, one of the best-known songwriters of the early 1980s, Baxter Dury came through an unrestricted and often difficult childhood

Baxter Dury: his childhood was dominated by his famously difficult father. Picture: Getty


Chaise Longue

By Baxter Dury

Corsair, €16.99

“I had arrived in Austin, Texas, wearing a designer puffer jacket . . . It was very hot and I was a slightly overweight 26-year-old bloke with a broken heart and a dying father. Geoff Travis, boss of Rough Trade Records, had given me money on a whim after I had persuaded him that I needed to go on a road trip . . . This was ...