Walk the Line with Amor Towles: ‘When I visited the set of A Gentleman in Moscow for the first time, I was anxious’

The American author on realising his best-selling novel for TV, his latest release ‘A Table for Two’ and inspiration from James Joyce, ahead of Towles’ appearance at International Literature Festival Dublin this month

Amor Towles: ‘Sometimes the love of doing something is not enough. Sometimes what you need to get going is the dread of having failed to do something.’ Picture by Dmitri Kasterine

When I was in first grade living in the Boston area, David McCord, a writer of juvenile poetry, came to our class to read from his books. I was amazed by the whole thing: by his imagination, by his word play, by the manner in which the poetry reached its audience. I knew right then I wanted to be a writer. That night I began writing poems just like his, and from then on it ...