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Travelling to Tuscany? Bookmark this expert’s art history itinerary

There is so much to love about one of Italy’s most beloved destinations, but the way to really connect with the Tuscan region is through its artistic heart

Seeing Sandro Botticelli's ‘The Birth of Venus’ in-person was one of IMMA board member Sinéad O’Sullivan’s highlights during her visit to Tuscany

Tuscany feels like the city of a thousand charms. It’s the home of the lesser-spotted white truffle, the super Tuscan celebrity wines of Sassicaia and Tignanello and rustic farmyard pasta to compliment both.

However, while Tuscany may be best known today for its gastronomic and agri-turismo tourism, there is another primary reason for spending time in this Mediterranean climate: to celebrate Renaissance art history. Based on a recent trip, here is your essential guide of Tuscan art history, and the top pieces to see on your next trip to the Italian region.