Shane Coleman: Ireland’s co-hosting of Euro 2028 is all fur coats and no knickers

While the co-hosting of Euro 2028 is a welcome bonus for our tourism industry, should the government have taken a punt and invested the money in upgrading stadiums to promote our league?

Bohemians FC, who are one of Irelands best supported teams away from home played Galway on Saturday night in the FAI Cup semi-final, but because of stadium regualtions could only bring 430 fans to cheer them on Picture: Inpho

Ireland’s co-hosting of Euro 2028 is the sporting equivalent of ‘fur coat and no knickers’. For years, football in this country has had to make do with scraps of bread from the table. Suddenly the government wants to serve it cake.

This weekend Bohemian FC, the best supported team for away fixtures in the League of Ireland, travelled to Galway for the semi-final of the FAI Cup. In the club’s biggest match of the season, ...