Shaking up the Dáil

Shane Coleman: ‘A right kick in the hole’ as changes could see Labour go from down to out

The party is easily the biggest loser from the redrawing and will struggle to keep any of its seven seats at the next election

Ged Nash, Labour TD, and the party leader, Ivana Bacik. The redrawing of the electoral map has made the challenge of reviving the moribund party all the harder. Picture: Conor Ó Mearáin/Collins Photo Agency

It was the dark days of the 1980s and Labour was being ripped apart by bitter ideological battles. At a crucial party meeting, leader Frank Cluskey, discovering Michael D Higgins’ absence because he was observing an election in Latin America, quipped that “given a choice between saving the world or saving the Labour party, Michael D always chooses the easier option”.

Four decades on, saving the planet – even with the threat of global warming ...