Podcast explores spaces that make us happy

In her six-part series Space to Grow, ‘interiors NRD’ Natasha Rocca Devine’s talks to guests about childhood homes and other places with deep emotional connections

Natasha Rocca Devine, who is hosting a new, six-part podcast series Space to Grow: ‘I want my show to connect people, create ideas, learn, share and inspire’

Space to Grow is a new, six-part podcast series where host Natasha Rocca Devine, interior designer, author and – playing on her initials – a self-styled ‘Interiors NRD’, delves into the ways our surroundings shape us as individuals. The first podcast went live on Thursday, June 8.

“I believe finding the right spaces for us to live, work, rest and grow are so important to our well-being, happiness and health,” said Rocca Devine.

“In recent ...