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Piece by Piece: Simone Rocha on the art of building a brand

In an exclusive interview ahead of her 27th collection at London Fashion Week, the Irish designer talks balancing art and business, making work that lasts and her drive to dare

Simone Rocha photographed in London by Gabby Laurent for the Irish Tatler’s September issue. Styling throughout by Aisling Farinella with photography by Gabby Laurent

There’s a certain type of woman who wears Simone Rocha’s designs. She enjoys standing out but doesn’t aim to be the centre of attention. She adores big dresses adorned with pearls and bows, sheer layers and solid, chunky brogues. She’s not interested in dressing for other people. She dresses for herself.

That sense of ploughing your own furrow has been present throughout the career of the Irish fashion designer Simone Rocha over the past 13 ...