PGA Tour says Rory McIlroy and other top golfers will have final say on LIV deal

A statement issued by the PGA Tour’s policy board said a new phase of negotiations between it, Liv and the DP Tour had begun

Rory McIlroy said in June: “It’s hard for me not to sit up here and feel somewhat like a sacrificial lamb. I still hate LIV, I hate them“ Picture: Getty Images

Rory McIlroy and other top players on the PGA Tour will have the final say on the proposed merger between it, the Saudi Arabian backed Liv Tour and the DP (European) Tour.

In a statement, the PGA Tour’s policy board said that a “new phase” of negotiations had begun.

Earlier this month the PGA Tour announced the proposed merger backed by Saudia Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), in a move that led to McIlroy describing himself as being left as a “sacrificial lamb” having led the tour’s opposition to Liv through the last month.