Ormonde seeks to delist from Dublin in high-stake takeover bid of Canadian mining firm

Mining explorer is proposing to cancel its shares London’s AIM market and Dublin’s Euronext in bid to become the largest shareholder at TRU Precious metals

Tom Anderson: Veteran invester currently holds a quarter of Ormonde’s shares, a position he has built up steadily over the last three years from a position of just over 10 per cent in May 2020. Picture: Jason Clarke

Shareholders in Ormonde Mining, the publicly listed company which is quarter-owned by veteran investor Tom Anderson, will be asked in the coming weeks to vote for cancelling its listing in Dublin in order to execute a reverse-takeover of a Canadian mining company called TRU Precious Metals

Ormonde, which currently trades in London and Dublin, is proposing to cancel its shares here and acquire a 36.2 per cent stake in TRU for $3 million Canadian dollars (circa ...