Off balance: How women are still being silenced by the law

A new book by barrister Jennifer Robinson, who represented Amber Heard in Johnny Depp’s British lawsuit against the Sun, and Dr Keina Yoshida, an Irish-Japanese human rights lawyer, examines discrimination against women in law and how to stop it

Keina Yoshida and Jennifer Robinson, human rights lawyers and co-authors of How Many More Women?: the barristers explain how writing about the law’s effect on women still comes with a huge risk. Picture: Daniel Lynch

In a two-page disclaimer at the start of their new book How Many More Women?, barristers Jennifer Robinson and Dr Keina Yoshida do something that many writers of non-fiction – especially books about law – might regard with bewilderment. They warn that it should not be taken as asserting the truth.

“We are not saying that any man or lawyer or judge named in this book is intentionally silencing women – not even the men ...