European Elections 2024

Niall Boylan to come off air as he launches European election campaign

Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio announced in a statement on Tuesday evening that Boylan would no longer be presenting his show

Niall Boylan, the talkshow host, is running as an Independent Ireland candidate in Dublin for the European elections

Niall Boylan is to cease presenting his radio show due to his candidacy in the European elections.

Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio made the announcement in a statement on Tuesday evening after Boylan launched his campaign. The station management decided over the weekend that Boylan would not continue to broadcast his Nite Time Talks show once he announced his candidacy.

“As one of the largest commercial radio stations in the country, we have a responsibility to be fair to all candidates and, for that reason, it has been decided that Niall will stand down as presenter of Nighttime Talk on Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio with immediate effect. I’d like to wish Niall all the very best,” said Kevin Branigan, chief executive of Ireland’s Classic Hits Radio.