Motoring: Porsche increases hybrid content of Cayenne SUV range

The greater proportion of the luxury range is now made up by plug-in hybrid models, but which one is best?

The Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid: arguably the best Cayenne hybrid of the lot, it takes the E-Hybrid’s V6-based drivetrain and increases peak power to 519hp – and yet it is one of the cheapest versions of updated Cayenne you can buy thanks to its low emissions

Porsche has a bit of a problem with the Cayenne SUV. The vehicle is a top seller for the manufacturer and it’s one of the best prestige products of its type around, but with an impending – and indeed inevitable – shift to electric power in the automotive industry, the Cayenne presents a headache.

This is an SUV with the emphasis on ‘sports’, so it has long been desirable due to its powerful engines and ...