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Marion McKeone: Disney row threatens to turn DeSantis’s tilt at White House into Mickey Mouse affair

The spat between Disney and Florida has become a war and Disney’s abandoned plans to open a $1 billion Apple-style campus in Florida seems calculated to scuttle DeSantis’s Republican candidacy campaign launch

Ron DeSantis: boasts his laws have transformed Florida into a state ‘where men are men, woke is broke and business is booming’

If timing is everything in politics, then Ron DeSantis could hardly have picked a worse moment to launch his bid to become America’s next president. The Florida governor is widely expected to declare his candidacy for the Republican nomination this week. But his pitch has been muddied by Mickey Mouse, who is proving a far more formidable foe than DeSantis anticipated. If there’s one arena more ruthless than politics in the US, it’s entertainment.

“Don’t ...