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Kilkenny house prices likely to remain static in 2023 despite severe shortage

A report by Hooke & MacDonald warns that lack of properties available for sale or rent is impacting businesses in the county, while lack of viability for construction is making matters worse

Kilkenny: According to Hooke & MacDonald, there is a severe shortage of both houses and apartments for either sale or rent. Picture: Shutterstock

As Co Kilkenny’s population has passed the 100,000 mark for the first time in more than 150 years, estate agent Hooke & MacDonald has released a new report on the county’s housing market with a host of interesting findings.

Census data shows that the county’s population had been on a downward trajectory since the famine-hit mid 1800s, when it went from about 200,420 to a low point of 60,468 in the 1966 census.

However, since ...