Judgment of $160 million granted against billionaire Parknasilla Hotel owner Jacqui Safra

Jacqui Safra, who listed Garinish island in Kerry as his residence on formal documents, is being pursued by MCG California

Jacqui Safra, a Swiss-Lebanese billionaire, owns the Parknasilla Hotel in Sneem

A private finance firm has been granted summary judgment of $160 million against the Swiss Lebanese owner of the Parknasilla Hotel, a High Court judge has ruled.

Jacqui Safra, who also owns and resides on nearby Garinish Island, in County Kerry, had resisted the enforcement of a $192 million judgment from the New York Supreme Court in favour of MGG California LLC, his lender.

The $192 million judgment, which Safra consented to entry of, arose from his guarantee on loans to Spring Mountain Vineyard Inc (SMV), a winery business he previously owned.