John Walsh: Sordid streets of San Francisco a grim warning of what could happen to Dublin

Stripe co-founder John Collison’s warning about the state of the planning system here should be heeded as the root of the California city’s problems with soaring homelessness and crime rates is instructive for Dublin

Patrick and John Collison, cofounders, Stripe. The Business Post recently published a story in which John Collison warned about the state of the planning system

John and Patrick Collison are still in their early thirties yet they are by far Ireland’s most successful entrepreneurs. Stripe, the company they cofounded, which is a world leader in epayments processing, reached a market cap of $95 billion in 2021, although its most recent valuation put it at a still staggering $50 billion.

The Collisons are a rare example of homegrown businesspeople building a company into a multinational-scale operation. They are also very understated; ...