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John Maguire: Hitman movie nails action, tension and humour in its crosshairs

Michael Fassbender is impressive as an impassive assassin in this slick, clever thriller

Michael Fassbender in The Killer: his yoga-practising, Smiths-listening killer is a superb creation, like a zen Bond or self-actualised Bourne, noble without being heroic

David Fincher’s hitman thriller The Killer is as cold and slick as a knife. The director’s first film since he synthesised old Hollywood for Mank sees him reunite with his Seven screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker for an anxious, nihilistic procedural about a meticulous assassin, played by an impassive Michael Fassbender, who must go on the run after a job goes wrong.

Hiding his anonymity behind cover names lifted from actors in sitcoms and dressing “like ...