Expert appointed to examine safeguarding within HSE following Emily case

HSE chief says he is not satisfied the health service yet fully understands all of the issues in the specific facility or those arising in the wider care context

  • June 25, 2023
HSE chief executive Bernard Gloster: “It is critical at so many levels that we close out any questions in this individual home, and of equal importance that we completely overhaul and future-proof our entire approach to safeguarding vulnerable adults.Picture: Fergal Phillips

An external expert has been appointed to examine safeguarding issues within the HSE following the case of a nursing home resident who was sexually assaulted by a healthcare assistant.

Jackie McIlroy, an adult safeguarding specialist from Northern Ireland, will look at issues related to the Emily case and wider concerns within the HSE.

Emily, which is not her real name, was raped by a healthcare assistant on night duty at an HSE-run facility three years ...