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Everything you wanted to know about Emsculpt Neo – the ultimate body contouring technique

Published clinical studies show a 30 per cent reduction of fat in the treatment area and a 25 per cent increase in muscle

The Emsculpt Neo is the only non-invasive technology that simultaneously uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology and what is known as HIFEM+ energy to eliminate fat and build muscle simultaneously in six sessions.

The world-renowned manufacturer of medical and aesthetic equipment BTL Industries’ advanced HIFEM technologies result in increased muscle growth and restoration of neuromuscular control, which can improve strength, balance, and posture and help alleviate conditions like incontinence and potentially alleviate back pain by strengthening the core muscles.

It can treat up to 10 body areas, and with three different types of applicators, it can treat most problematic body parts from the tummy and abs to the bum, thighs, calf muscles and arms. “I am often asked, does this treatment work?” Dee MacMahon, Managing Director of BTL Industries for Ireland and Northern Ireland says.

EMSCULPT Neo’s Edge applicators target the stubborn fat on the sides of the stomach, often referred to as ‘love handles’

“It would be impossible for BTL to ‘make up’ the incredible success the business has achieved globally. There are over 3,500 devices placed worldwide, with millions of successful treatments performed. Several clinics in Ireland have two or even three devices running simultaneously.”

MacMahon reaffirms that the Emsculpt Neo can be the ultimate gym cheat; however, she points out outcomes depend on the patient’s expectations and treatment compliance. “Drinking enough water and maintaining a healthy diet is essential.”

Emsculpt Neo can also be used to target arm tone and strength
The device also targets areas of fat on the bum

That said, the published clinical studies prove that specific clinical endpoints have been reached, such as a 30 per cent reduction of fat in the treatment area and a 25 per cent increase in muscle.

“However, like every treatment, more is more, and client management is important. Weighing the client is a good way of ensuring they are committed to their goals and are maintaining a good diet and not putting on weight over the treatment time frame (usually three months) to ensure a good clinical endpoint is reached,” she says.

The body contouring makeover sculpts and defines, reduces fat and increases muscle synergistically while being able to work on core strength

BTL is constantly advancing their treatment protocols, and newly launched from its R&D department are Emsculpt Neo’s Edge applicators which target the stubborn fat on the sides of the stomach, often referred to as ‘love handles’. The Edge applicator targets the oblique muscles and offers even more structure and definition to the stomach.

Essentially Emsculpt Neo works by raising the muscle temperature by several degrees, similar to what a warm-up activity does before any workout. It then stimulates supra-maximal contractions in which the treated area muscles are intensely contracted.

Shortly after the therapy starts, the temperature in fat cells reaches levels to kill fat cells – the strained muscle fibres begin a growth process. To summarise, we are eliminating fat and increasing muscle building. This non-invasive pain-free treatment offers two treatments at once in only 30 minutes.

A body contouring makeover that sculpts and defines, reducing fat and increasing muscle synergistically while being able to work on core strength; it is also able to support older patients so they can hold themselves upright if they trip over as it builds balance and is healthy for intramuscular fat reduction, a valuable extra core health value.

BTL Ireland proudly has an affiliate office based in Dublin with a dedicated clinical training team, sales and engineering and client success managers. To enquire about a device or any information on BTL systems, contact