Elon Musk’s Twitter splutters on Ron DeSantis’s big moment

The launch of the Florida governor’s presidential campaign was a buggy affair and shone a light on how well equipped Twitter is to grow under Musk

More than 500,000 people were waiting for the event to start as technological glitches prevented people from entering. Picture: Getty Images

Ron DeSantis’ live event to launch his 2024 presidential campaign hosted by Elon Musk on Twitter was beset by technical glitches and audio problems as the social network’s servers struggled to handle the surge of demand.

The event, which was scheduled for 6pm New York time, was intended to be where DeSantis would launch his 2024 presidential campaign was moderated by venture capitalist David Sacks.

As of 6:21 on Twitter’s audio tool, Spaces, more than ...