Eased infrastructure spending rules will ensure €12.5bn capital budget is spent, Donohoe says

Minister for Public Expenditure has secured cabinet approval to cut the number of approval stages for major developments as part of plan to speed up delivery of schools, hospitals and roads

Paschal Donohoe: Minister for Public Expenditure says relaxing rules around capital spending will affect between 100-150 major projects and speed up delivery times by four to six months. Picture:

Paschal Donohoe, the Minister for Public Expenditure, has said that the relaxation of spending rules for large public infrastructure projects is aimed at ensuring that this year’s record capital budget of €12.5 billion is fully spent.

Last year, government departments were unable to spend €690 million of the state’s €11.5 billion capital budget for new houses, roads, hospitals, schools and other developments.

This money has been carried over, bringing this year’s capital budget to €12.5 ...