Deposit Return Scheme

Ballykilcavan Brewery founder on how the Deposit Return Scheme is hitting small producers hardest

David Walsh Kemmis of Ballykilcavan Brewery said the model of the scheme was designed by and favours the ‘big guys,’ and lobs a third of his margins off

David Walsh Kemmis, the founder of Ballykilcavan Brewery: ‘we feel that the scheme very heavily favours the big producers rather than small producers’

David Walsh Kemmis, the founder of Ballykilcavan Brewery, has said the recently launched Deposit Return Scheme for drinks containers strongly favours big manufacturers, and disproportionately impacts smaller producers like himself.

In its current iteration, the scheme cuts his margins by a third, shaving 80c off the €2.40 he’d typically have made off a case of 24 440ml beers.

But even from the foundation of the scheme, he said, small producers were not adequately consulted.

“There ...