Ballet, Beckett, Bieber and Blackshore: actor Lisa Dwan on a career less ordinary

The star of the new crime drama Blackshore on growing by Lough Ree, working around the world, and how lockdown changed her life story

Lisa Dwan: ‘One of the most acclaimed Beckettians on Earth’. Picture: Daniel Lynch

Lisa Dwan is a determined person. Fiercely, sometimes passionately, so. And so, when the opportunity arose for the Athlone-born actress to take on the leading role in the upcoming RTÉ dark thriller series Blackshore, she was dead set on making it happen, no matter what.

“My agent rang me, and said, ‘you do drive, don’t you, Lisa?,” she explains. “And I said, ‘Listen, I will be able to drive on the day of filming.” What ...