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AI in action: the companies using the tech to power ahead

Predictions about the future of artificial intelligence abound, but the technology is already being put to practical use in Ireland and abroad, writes Jason Walsh

Annette Soraine, Microsoft services director, TEKenable. ‘We’ve been doing AI workshops with a lot of our clients and prospects. We’re trying to remove the hype’

From a productivity boom to the job apocalypse, we all know what artificial intelligence (AI) will do in the future, or we think we do anyway.

It’s not just journalists or ‘thinkfluencers’ pontificating, either: financial markets, which slipped into the doldrums in 2022, have recovered in large part thanks to skyrocketing values for the likes of Microsoft, Nvidia, Broadcom, and even IBM. In other words, any business with a toehold in the technology, whether developing ...