Vincent Boland: Naive Cameron’s bromance ends in controversy and recrimination

The scandal currently consuming David Cameron is an example of what can happen when a financier with a big idea encounters a captive audience unable to figure it out

David Cameron, the former British prime minister, and Lex Greensill, founder of Greensill Capital, in Saudi Arabia in January 2020: the photo did the rounds on Twitter last week, highlighted their cosy relationship

Whenever people tell you they are on a mission to make finance fairer and more democratic, you should do two things. First, check that your wallet is still in your pocket. Second, show them the door. Somebody should have explained that to David Cameron.

When the former British prime minister was introduced to a man named Lex Greensill a few years ago, it seemed like serendipity. Cameron, in office from 2010 to 2016, was looking ...