Susan O’Keeffe: We will never eradicate violence but we can create zero tolerance for it

The Justice Minster has showed leadership by introducing a seven-year strategy to fight domestic, sexual and gender-based crimes

‘Helen McEntee has recognised that violence at this level is a fact of life, exacerbated by a growing population, an increase in trafficked migrants and the game-changing influence of smartphones on the overall level and intensity of violence.’ Picture: Sasko Lazarov/

Being brave is a great attribute for a politician. Sadly, it’s all too rare among public representatives, who are all too acutely aware that stepping up to the plate and taking tough decisions can often prove unpopular with voters.

This week, Justice Minister Helen McEntee showed that she can be brave. She introduced a big and bold seven-year strategy, to fight domestic, sexual and gender-based crimes. The price tag for its implementation is €363 million.