Susan O’Keeffe: Macron’s colourful rebuke of the unvaccinated could be his best route back to the Elysée Palace

The French President’s gamble, ahead of the elections in April, is that the majority of his voters will support his outrage in the view that he is voicing their own frustration

‘Emmanuel Macron’s ‘piss off’ remark was no slip of the tongue; it’s a deliberate shot into the tangle that is the universal vaccinated versus the non-vaccinated debate.’ Picture: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Taoiseach Micheál Martin has been pissed off many times in his political life. Not least in the past 12 months, when he’s had to watch his one-time role in the top job be completely overrun by a stubborn pandemic, which may persist for the rest of his reign.

But, like most politicians, Martin keeps his innermost thoughts to himself; adversarial politics encourages criticism of those in exile on the opposition benches; slurs are never cast ...