Susan O’Keeffe: Cheap slogans and empty promises to the fore as Tory leadership race begins

So far there has been no evidence of vision or clarity and no voice of unity for a country which has been crying out for unity for years

‘Penny Mordaunt has taken the high ground as the only person who can be PM, because the party members like her the most. And they have the last say. And possibly they like her now because they know her the least.’ Picture: Leon Neal/Getty

You could be forgiven for thinking that keeping a close eye, or even half an eye on the UK’s Conservative Party’s leadership battle, might conjure new insights into the meaning of leadership. After all, taking on this job does give the new leader one of the most powerful jobs in the UK.

And, in the world! There may be no Empire remaining. There may be no EU flags flying in public buildings, but the United ...