Susan O’Keeffe: Achieving ‘continuity’ a daunting challenge for Scholz as he follows Merkel

The new German chancellor faces an array of tough tests early in his tenure

Olaf Scholz: ‘His image is one of a capable and solid politician who, so far has neither overreached nor oversold himself. Indeed he is known as Scholzomat for his clear and crisp manner of delivery.’

The state of current chaos in the world is much greater than we might realise. What other explanation can there be for the final, quiet slipping away into the shadows of “Mutti Merkel”, German’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, a rare political leader who managed to stay in power without exploding, being disgraced or shuttled off in a black limo into the darkening shadows.

Merkel endured and enjoyed power at the helm of a country of 83 ...