Sinn Féin should fret as 18-34-year-old age group begins to slip away from it

Sinn Féin are still the most popular party in the polls, but there is no guarantee this will translate into actual votes and seats

Pearse Doherty, Mary Lou McDonald and Michelle O'Neill, Sinn Féin. The party’s support today stands at 29 per cent, down by 3 per cent from 32 per cent in October. Picture: Rollingnews

As we move into an election year, how solid is Sinn Féin’s support?

There is nothing like an upcoming election to focus the mind on political issues.

With local and European elections due next June, much talk has revolved around the possibility of the government calling an early election in 2024. Reports also suggest that Fine Gael’s own candidate nomination process is well under way, adding further to the speculation that the general election may ...