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Marion McKeone: Ruthless rollback of Roe vs Wade turns US law on its head

The Supreme Court’s decision on Friday to strike down the ruling that legalised abortion in America 49 years ago has sparked a national outcry – and other rights such as same-sex marriage may now be in the court’s crosshairs

Pro-choice demonstrators gather outside the US Supreme Court in Washington DC this weekend: the striking down of Roe vs Wade has convulsed liberal America. Picture: Getty

This weekend, as tens of thousands of protesters arrived at the US Supreme Court following its overruling of Roe vs Wade, they found themselves pressed up against the same non-scalable metal fences and concrete barriers that surrounded Capitol Hill in the aftermath of another seismic event: the January 6 attacks.

The eight-foot-tall fences were first erected in May, when a leaked draft of the court’s ruling indicated it was poised to strike down Roe vs ...