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Matt Cooper: Succession succeeds above all others in depicting reality of business world

The hit television series about the corporate greed of Logan Roy and his family may be fiction but much of it is based on the reality of how high finance operates in that rarefied world

Succession: The fictional Roy family may seem over the top but the reality of some of the corporate behaviour is not exaggerated

It is a matter of subjective opinion as to whether or not Succession is the greatest drama series ever made for television, with the best writing and best acting combined. (It is, by the way). But what is without doubt is that Succession is the best series to depict the realism of how business operates.

Stories about high finance and the corporate world have struggled to attract and convince wide audiences – and few would argue that the masterful The Godfather, based around a family’s business enterprise – ever really delved into the business mechanics of the criminal enterprise.