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Matt Cooper: O’Leary all-in as Ryanair’s mega Boeing gamble certainly not risk free

The announcement of the purchase of hundreds of new aircraft at a cost of up to $40bn, intended to extend routes and lower costs, is typical of O’Leary’s risky but effective approach

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary: believes the deal will allow Ryanair to operate at lower costs and to return part of this saving in lower prices than its rivals. Picture: Getty

Ryanair does so many things differently to others, and not just in the airline industry: in its way of growing its business.

Growth by acquisition has been the main theme behind the development of all the major Irish stock market-quoted companies of recent decades. It is not possible to achieve real scale out of Ireland simply through organic growth. The likes of CRH and Kingspan have grown largely through a succession of acquisitions across multiple ...