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Matt Cooper: Forget ‘Landlord Leo’, the real issue is the failure to deliver housing

Unless something changes, we will be stuck with under-supply, unaffordability and homelessness as long as this government lasts

Leo Varadkar: now that the Taoiseach has a tenant in place he’ll have to be careful if he decides to sell at a future date given the publicity that might arise from any such decision. Picture: Collins

‘Landlord Leo’ is catnip for many of the Taoiseach’s political opponents, a new nickname with which to brand Leo Varadkar.

That Varadkar was revealed as being registered in that often reviled capacity in the very same week as the government controversially decided not to extend the eviction ban is a bonus for them. Proof, as his legion of critics see it, that the Fine Gael leader is only interested in serving the wealthy at the ...