Marion McKeone: The leak’s the thing as Republicans sidestep fury over Roe vs Wade reversal

Nationwide anger at the leaked US Supreme Court ruling to effectively outlaw abortion in America was quickly channelled into manufactured outrage at the leak itself

Pro-choice demonstrators gather outside the US Supreme Court building in Washington DC last week, following the leaked news that the court is set to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe vs Wade ruling which legalised abortion. Picture: Getty

For the past week, congressional Republican leaders have fumed and fulminated about the source of the leak of US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s controversial draft opinion that would overturn Roe vs Wade, the landmark Nixon-era ruling that legalised abortion.

Focusing on the identity of the mole responsible for the leak has had the effect, intentional or otherwise, of allowing Republicans to sidestep media pressure to respond to the contents of the draft opinion.

In ...