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Marion McKeone: Haley’s stinging attack on Trump’s mental competence is too little, too late

Nikki Haley refused to deliver a concession speech after losing to Donald Trump in the New Hampshire primary despite trailing 40 points in the polls

Donald Trump accused Nikki Haley of being an ‘imposter’ after she made it clear she intended to continue her battle for the presidential nomination. Picture: Getty

Outside a polling centre in Londonderry in New Hampshire on Tuesday morning, a 150-strong Maga brigade glowers with grievance as they hoist Trump signs affixed to rudimentary wooden poles over their heads. “USA, USA, USA” they chant, jabbing their placards in the air with a ferocity that could rip several dozen new holes in the ozone layer.

On the opposite side, a smaller but still sizeable number of Haley supporters see them and raise their ...