Corporate Tax

Lucinda Creighton: The OECD’s global tax deal may not survive US elections in November

Ireland can now enjoy something of a reprieve, as the OECD has given up hope of any changes whatsoever before 2024

Mathias Cormann, the OECD’s secretary general, said last week that plans to implement the new global tax deal were behind schedule. For Ireland, all of the obstacles and delays to the measures are welcome. Picture: Hollie Adams/Bloomberg

The annual World Economic Forum at Davos used to provide a great platform for governments, world leaders, global organisations and the occasional celebrity to make significant announcements that got attention on the world stage. These days, as the lustre has worn off the event and world leaders don’t seem bothered to even attend, Davos has become the perfect location to bury a story.

Last week, the OECD’s global corporate tax deal, which was hailed as ...