International Relations

Lucinda Creighton: Perfect storm of global crises must be met with a robust and united US-EU front

Inflation, energy costs, trade wars and geopolitical problems are likely to remain issues globally in 2023, so Europe and its allies need to shape up

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president and Xi Jinping, the Chinese president: some saw Putin’s recent visit to China as a possible forerunner to peace negotiations in the Ukraine war. Picture: Getty

While 2022 was a year of geopolitical and economic crises, it seems probable that 2023 will be even more tumultuous.

The global economy has been hit by a perfect storm in the form of war in Europe, mounting energy prices, the sharpest increase in inflation since the 1970s, impending recession in the developed world and a sharp downturn in the Chinese economy – the largest in the world. Those hoping for a less turbulent forecast ...