Lucinda Creighton: Capitulation to SF leaves government afraid to back sensible housing policy

Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael should have a basic understanding of the need for landlords in the market; instead, they have tried to regulate them out of existence as they look over their shoulder at the opposition

Despite housing becoming the biggest political issue in the country, and successive ministers attempting to solve the housing crisis, the number of available rental properties has collapsed. Picture: Getty

A considered critique of government policy on housing is entirely legitimate, given that successive administrations have made a mess of it since the market imploded back in 2008.

We are not getting that critique, however. What we are getting is a ‘debate’ that is becoming increasingly shrill, and solutions from opposition politicians that are ludicrously simplistic and bordering on entirely disingenuous.

The predictable one-liners and smart remarks offered up in the Dáil after the announcement ...