John Walsh: Why battery technology could be a game-changer for Ireland’s energy needs

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia underlines the volatility of the international energy market, and how we urgently need to act to solve our energy security problems

Elon Musk is investing in very exciting technologies. A Tesla subsidiary is building a more than 100 megawatt energy storage project in Texas, a battery that could power about 20,000 homes. Picture: William K Clark/Shutterstock

The carbon tax introduced by the government in 2010 to fund the move away from fossil fuels will increase by €7.50 per ton to €41 per ton on May 1. The proceeds will help to finance retrofitting 500,000 homes by 2030, among other measures.

Sinn Féin and a number of independent TDs are opposed to a carbon tax. There is justifiable concern that lumbering people with an additional financial burden in a high-inflationary environment will ...