John Walsh: We need to reconsider the Berlin/Boston dichotomy as Irish America begins to wane

The Biden administration could be the last White House so well disposed to Irish interests and it is time to acknowledge that our future lies in being a fully paid-up member of the EU

Joe Biden, the US president, is proud of his Irish heritage, but if Biden loses out to Ron DeSantis, the putative Republican candidate in 2024, it will not bode well for future relations with Ireland. Picture: Getty

It is quite probable that most Irish people have experienced varying degrees of schadenfreude as the “special relationship” between the US and Britain has unravelled over recent months.

Liz Truss, the most recent but one British prime minister, briefed the media that she would press for negotiations on a trade deal with the US to begin in the short term during her first meeting with Joe Biden and that the Northern Ireland protocol had not ...