Corporate Tax

John Walsh: FDI has proven to be a winning strategy for us but it is not without risk

Just ten multinationals contribute 60 per cent of corporation tax and while the expected budget surplus of €10bn is to be welcomed, there is a real danger of overheating in the economy

Intel has been one of the firms attracted to Ireland and employs almost 5,000 people here

Liz Truss, who was fleetingly British prime minister last autumn, popped up in Washington recently in an attempt to salvage her tarnished legacy. By any yardstick, her speech was as deluded as it was disingenuous.

Truss claimed that she had been undermined by a vast ‘woke’ conspiracy that included the International Monetary Fund and the administration of Joe Biden, the US president. Amid her rambling incoherence, she did alight on one important area: she said ...