John Gibbons: RTÉ learns lesson after it feels the heat on climate change coverage

Jon Williams, managing director of news at the national broadcaster, is finally turning the ship to face the crisis head on, setting up an entire team to mitigate its ‘sins of omission’

Students striking for climate action in Dublin: it seems RTÉ is finally starting to listen. Picture: Rollingnews

As the state broadcaster, RTÉ occupies a special place in Irish life. It functions as a sort of national Rorschach test, onto which people from all walks of life project their grievances, desires and demands.

RTÉ routinely comes under fire from individuals and groups pushing agendas. By and large, this animus is unwarranted. By international standards, RTÉ is well regarded. It employs some of our most talented journalists and creatives, and is widely, if often ...