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John Gibbons: How the 15-minute city found itself in the crosshairs of conspiracy theorists

Opposition to this most benign of notions is being whipped up by those who are likening it to a Marxist attack on individual freedoms

Impasse: Although one in three people in Ireland would like to live in a so-called 15-minute city, only 10 per cent of us live within walking distance of essential amenities. Picture: Getty

If you could somehow start from scratch and design the perfect city or town for the 21st century, what might it look like? Ideally, you could comfortably reach your workplace, schools, shops, healthcare locations and recreation spaces on foot or by bike in 15 minutes or less, as well as being able to stroll to a public transport hub to take you further afield.

In this ideal world, rather than people sitting in traffic for ...